Plant and Animal Identification

Plant and Animal Identification

Specific identification of plants, animal species or microorganisms.

It can be very improtant to your business to test goods for the presence or absence of specific constituents in order to ensure certain product features. We are happy to support you in carrying out analytical tests.

Plants: You receive specific analysis reports which will show you whether your goods contained certain plant species, for instance, rape seed in mustard, soya in supposedly soya-free goods.

Such information is important in order to detect contaminations along the logistics chain or during the production process, or to control the efficiency of cleaning procedures, for example.

Animal species: Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to provide proof for the absence of certain animal constituents, e.g. EU-Directives regulating that certain animal constituents are banned from use in animal feed, or religious rules forbid the use of defined animal components in food products or animal feed.

Microorganisms: Our test systems are DNA-based and detect different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi or beer pathogens.

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